Entry #39

New Soundcloud for Piano songs!

2013-02-12 08:41:05 by Kreepman

Hey guys,

As much as I love Newgrounds and the community here, I can't always keep track of it, so that's why I've made a new Soundcloud where I'll upload all my songs first, and then here on NG.

Check it out here!

I currently only have one song, but I'm already in the process of making more.
Also, think of this as a "back up" account for my piano stuff, in case I get banned again or I somehow lose my account.

Thanks for reading!
- Nigel


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2013-02-12 10:11:24

My personnal advice is to not get banned.

I'll listen to your music when I'll be home ^^


2016-01-30 18:19:53

You seem not to be active on your NewGrounds-Account any longer.
Well, too bad. Without you, Mario's Castle Collab 2 [ http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/586855 ] wouldn't be as good.

I enjoyed improving and extending your song with AudaCity.
One of many things that I did to improve your song [ID 339719] with Audacity was reverb. I added a bit more optimized reverb, and a few milliseconds of hall echo.
It sounds beautiful! Great work‼ ❥❤♥